About Us...

Its not about us...

At Stratum Consulting we look at life and managing a business holistically, - in other words - the big picture; who and what really matters in making a company truly successful. To us, it is the people who are directly responsible for our success - you the customer and our employees.

At Stratum Consulting we are passionate about our employees and their wellbeing, because when our employees are happy, our customers' needs are met and their requirements take precedence, resulting in employees and customers alike being in high spirits.

Since conception, Stratum Consulting have consistently been gaining momentum, growing from strength to strength, securing high profile Key Accounts, forging Customer Relations of good standing and growing our staff compliment to where we are now double in size. We are particularly proud of our unique environment where employees manage themselves and are driven to service excellence due to spontaneous development and impeccable work ethic.

Stratum Consulting is a Level 4 BEE Contributor (100% Expenditure).


At Stratum Consulting, our Vision is to be the finest consulting company in South Africa - in the eyes of our Customers, Shareholders and People. We expect and demand the very best we have to offer by always keeping Stratum Core Values top of mind.


Actualize full potential of all stakeholders through collective achievement when delivering the highest levels of professionalism and experience.

Core Values